Premium Support for fast-growing or complex businesses

Whether you’re a startup, small business, or global enterprise, our agents across various locations and time zones are here to support you. Our friendly and knowledgeable premium support agents will have you up and running in no time!

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Free Onboarding Session

Embark on a seamless journey with our 30-60 minute personalized onboarding and setup assistance -..

Initial Setup Package

From $300

Our Premium Initial Setup Package is designed to provide a personalized and comprehensive onboarding experience..

Premium Support Package

This package gives you all the support you need to further customize and modify your..

Hourly Modification or Training Package

From $125

You're all set up already, but there are a few things you want to change? Maybe..

Full Setup Premium Package

From $1000

No time to set up your business details, services, and fieldworkers in OctopusPro - or simply..

Lead Capture Form Implementation Service

From $299

Take your customer acquisition to the next level with OctopusPro's Lead Capture Form Implementation Service...